Upper Whitemouth River

A 75 minute drive from Winnipeg, the relatively clear waters of the Upper Whitemouth River wind through the mixed woods and sandy cliffs of Sandilands Provincial Forest. These wooded shores are especially colourful in late September and early October, when the fresh greens of the conifers stand in contrast to the yellows, browns, golds and reds of the deciduous trees and shrubs.

There are no roads, farms or towns nearby, and you can feel the stillness surrounding you as you pull away from the launch. The leisurely current lulls you into a relaxed paddling cadence - perfect for watching the scenery. Deer, kingfishers and whiskey-jacks are frequently sighted here.

The last few kilometers require deft manoeuvring skills, as the river drops over pebble shoals and around sharp bends.

A suspension bridge marks the location of the Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre  where there is a self-guided hike featuring tree carvings, and forestry artifacts. The trip ends at Whitemouth River Wayside Park or at Highway 1.


  • Duration : approximately 5 hours
  • Rating :  for the novice paddler    
  • Water conditions : moderate current with some fast sections, no upstream paddling, no portages
  • Scenic Attractions : sandy cliffs, suspension bridge, Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre 
Cost per day :
           $65  for adults (18 years + ) 
           $52  for students  
           $52  for seniors (65 years + ) 

Ask us about additional discounts for clubs, youth groups, charters and repeat clients.

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