Upper Coca-Cola Falls

Here is a canoe trip to satisfy the sightseer and whitewater enthusiast alike, approximately a 90 minute drive from Winnipeg. Departing from Great Falls on the Winnipeg River, we skirt the fast water below the hydro-electric dam to cross the river. As we approach the mouth of Upper Coca-Cola Creek, watch the water turn from clear to a deep reddish-brown. A couple of kilometres up the creek, we find a spectacular waterfall dropping nearly 20 metres. There is a footbridge and scenic spot for a picnic lunch.

Returning to the dam, we climb to the top of the dike for a short, one kilometre hike to Great Falls quarry, where we can swim in the warm, turquoise coloured mineral water and get up close and personal with the resident population of sunfish, who are always looking for a handout. You may want to bring your snorkel and flippers as well as your bathing suit.

Heading down the Winnipeg River, it is not far to Whitemud Falls. Here, paddlers can play in the rapids, learn whitewater manoeuvring basics, or just watch from a nearby sunny spot on a rock.

After your trip, take in dinner at one of Lac du Bonnet's restaurants, or stay at the Lee River Bed and Breakfast and enjoy more canoeing the next day.


  • Duration : approximately 4 - 6 hours
  • Rating :  for the novice and intermediate paddler   
  • Water conditions : moving water interspersed with swifts and rapids, one short pullover portage
  • Scenic Attractions : falls, rapids, rock quarry, hydro-electric dam
Cost per day :
           $65 for adults (18 years + ) 
           $52 for students  
           $52 for seniors (65 years + ) 

Ask us about additional discounts for clubs, youth groups, charters and repeat clients.

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