Seine River

The beautiful Seine River has been called, "Winnipeg's wilderness river". It meanders through the heart of the city from the South Perimeter Highway to its confluence with the Red River. Its waters and banks are home to an abundance and variety of wildlife seldom encountered on more remote water bodies. Its small size and many bends make it easy to surprise deer, beaver, Canada geese, mallard and wood ducks, painted and snapping turtles, to name a few.

For most of its length through St Vital and St Boniface, shoreline housing development is minimal, and parks, trails and golf courses predominate. Egerton Drive is one notable exception, but even here most of the shoreline is still in its original state.

On the upper section of this tour, we stop to see "Woody" and some of the other tree carvings in the "Bois des Esprits". Some of the smaller parks, almost unknown in the city except to the locals, make excellent lunch stops. There is even a coffee stop for those who need their fix.

The Seine is most suitable for canoeing in spring and early summer when water levels are higher.


  • Duration :  3 to 6 hours, as per client request 
  • Rating :  for the novice paddler    
  • Water conditions : slow moving water with a few small rapids, usually no portages 
  • Scenic Attractions : close-up wildlife sightings, "Bois des Esprits" wood carvings
Cost per day : 
           $65 for adults (18 years + ) 
           $52 for students  
           $52 for seniors (65 years + ) 

Ask us about additional discounts for clubs, youth groups, charters and repeat clients.

Provencher Avenue bridge
April, 2010 
Duckweed in late summer
Augusr, 2011
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