Rat River

Put your paddling skills to the test on the surprisingly clear and fast waters, sand and pebble riverbed, rocky riffles and hairpin turns of the Rat.Try to take your eyes off the river ahead long enough to take in the pastoral scenes and the charming cottage communities.

When the water is high, try to miss the sweepers and strainers (fallen trees just above or below the surface).
 If you don't, you may experience an unscheduled swim before you and your canoe are rescued, but don't' worry. Our pre-trip orientation will teach you how to survive a capsize intact. The only thing that may get hurt is your pride.

There are two distinct stretches on this river, with different features and challenges on each.
NOTE : This river is navigable in spring and after prolonged periods of rainfall. 

  • Duration : approximately 4 to 5 hours
  • Rating :  for paddlers with some experience   
  • Water Conditions : moderate current with many fast section, no upstream paddling, two portages possible, depending on water levels 
  • Scenic Attractions : picturesque cottage community
Cost per day :
           $75 for adults (18 years + )
           $60 for students 
           $60 for seniors (65 years + ) 

Ask us about additional discounts for clubs, youth groups, charters and repeat clients.


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