Caddy Lake

One of Manitoba's best-known canoe routes, Caddy Lake, a 90 minute drive from Winnipeg, is the third in the chain of a dozen or so lakes comprising the Whiteshell River system.  It is the launch site for a number of Whiteshell Park canoe routes, including a day-trip through the
two rock tunnels (underneath the railway tracks), a three-day trip to Big Whiteshell Lake, and several circle trips lasting a week or more, through Crowduck Lake, Mantario Lake and the Winnipeg River system.  

The two rock tunnels are unique to Manitoba. They were blasted through the Precambrian rock after the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)  and Canadian National Railway (CNR) main lines cut off the original river channels.

The first tunnel can be reached by canoe in most weather conditions. Accessing the longer second tunnel requires crossing South Cross Lake, which can be challenging when winds are strong. When that happens, we detour into Hansen's Creek and visit the century-and-a-half old C.P.R. brick tunnel.

There is a high rocky hill which can be climbed to see a panoramic  view of Caddy Lake, the beach, the boat launch and the resort. Wildlife to watch for on this route includes deer, loons, bald eagles and the occasional black bear. 

Motor boats will be encountered on this route. Complete your day on the water with a fine meal at one of West Hawk Lake's restaurants.

  • Duration : approximately 4 hours to the first rock tunnel, round trip, 7 to 8 hours to the second rock tunnel, round trip
  • Rating :  for the paddler with some experience  
  • Water Conditions : flat water paddling with swift current in rock tunnels, choppy waves at times, no portages
  • Scenic Attractions : high rock cliffs and tunnels
Cost per day: 
           $65  for adults (18 years + )
           $52  for students 
           $52  for seniors (65 years + ) 

Ask us about additional discounts for clubs, youth groups, charters and repeat clients.

Caddy Lake - at the entrance to the first rock tunnel
September 2012 
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