Kenbro Park Dam

Brokenhead River

Imagine learning basic whitewater skills as you explore this picturesque river, only 45 minutes from Winnipeg. This little known gem winds through farms, forests, cottages and campgrounds, including Great Woods Park and Campground. You will have a blast on the 15 or so easy rapids.  There are also several long sections of fast water and plenty of slower sections where you can watch for ducks, geese, and deer.
Take a rest and swim at the Great Woods suspension bridge and later check out the bald eagle nest. You will go home a more confident paddler, but you won't feel like you have been
to boot camp!  

  • Duration : approximately 5 hours
  • Rating : for the paddler with some experience, previous whitewater experience an asset, but not mandatory    
  • Water Conditions : slow moving water with swifts and 15 Class I rapids, two pullovers possible, no portages
  • Scenic Attractions :  suspension bridge, swift water between steep cliffs
Cost per day :
           $65.00 for adults (18 years + ) 
           $52.00 for students 
           $52.00 for seniors (65 years + ) 

  Ask us about additional discounts for clubs, youth groups, charters and repeat clients.

View from Great Woods Park suspension bridge  
August, 2009
"Rock Garden" in low water 
July, 2011 
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