When the paddles are put away for the season, winter hiking and snowshoeing offer a welcome respite from those long days and nights spent indoors. We keep you safe and comfortable as you enjoy fresh air and aerobic exercise while exploring pristine forest and wetland areas, inaccessible even to canoes and snowmobiles.
Our destinations are the Whiteshell, Agassiz Forest, Whitemouth Falls, the Brightstone Sandhills and the Pinawa back-country area.
We'll lead you on bush trails and off, safely cross frozen streams, warm up around a bonfire or in a warming hut, and end our excursion with hot chocolate or dinner at Jennifer's, Eastern Manitoba's premier restaurant.
Tour highlights include a suspension bridge, a peat harvesting area, a (vacant) blue heron colony and a native burial mound. If we're lucky, we may spot some white-tailed deer, ruffed grouse, pileated woodpeckers or even a bald eagle.
All you need to bring is warm clothing, sturdy boots and a lunch for longer excursions.
Our lightweight snowshoes can be comfortably harnessed to virtually any style or size of hiking or winter boot and are equipped with crampons for climbing.
Not enough snow? We'll leave the snowshoes at home and go hiking anyway.

 Snowshoe adventures (1-6 hours)
  $15.00 per person (up to 3 hours)
$15.00 per person (up to 3 hours)
Add $5.00 per person for each additional hour.
"There's no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothing".
Warm clothing is a prerequisite, so bundle up in layers and embrace winter...
It's 1/3 of your life!

Pinawa, April 2014
Pine Point, Whiteshell
April, 2014
Whitemouth Falls
Feb. 2013
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