How do I know which trip to book? 
To help you chose a trip that matches or challenges your paddling skill and experience, our schedule calendar has been colour coded :
GREEN is for novice, BLUE is for those with some paddling experience, and ORANGE is for those with considerable paddling experience. 

What should I bring for day canoeing?
We recommend the following :
 - a dry bag or back pack lined with a garbage bag
 - dress for the weather
 - wear your clothing in layers, plus bring one set of dry clothes, quick-drying material is best
 - closed-toed footwear i.e. water shoes or other sturdy shoes you do not mind getting wet
 - sunhat, sunglasses, sun screen
 - light raincoat or windbreaker
 - swimsuit and towel (optional)
 - light gloves for cool-weather paddling
 - cameras, cellphones, and keys should be placed in a container or sealed plastic bag
 - insect repellent
 - water bottles, snacks, and a lunch, as we make a few stops to rest and eat      

What should I bring for multi-day trips?
All of the above items for day canoeing, plus :
 - sleeping bag (suited to season) and small pillow
 - multiple sets of clothes
 - hiking boots
 - personal toiletries i.e. toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and towel, hair shampoo and brush.
We can supply camping and cooking gear, food, tents, and self inflating air mattresses as required.  We have a complete canoe/camping checklist available on request.  

What if the weather turns bad?

We do not go out in dangerous weather, i.e. electrical storms or very strong, gusty winds. In these instances, we re-route, postpone, or if absolutely necessary, cancel the trip.      

I cannot swim and I have never canoed before. Can I still go canoeing and
will I be safe and comfortable?

If this is your first time out on the water, we recommend you choose a GREEN (novice level) trip. Our pre-trip orientation will show you how to stay balanced while entering, paddling, and exiting your canoe. Also, the hull design of our canoes makes them very stable and difficult to capsize. Your comfortably-fitting life-jacket will keep your head above water in the rare event of an upset, and we are always there to get you safely to shore.

Can I bring my kids?    

Children are welcome, however it is recommended they be six years or older. Children may ride free when sitting in the middle of the canoe between two paddling adults.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, we have comprehensive liability insurance. All clients must sign a waiver form prior to any trip. 

I have a medical condition or disability, can I still go canoeing?

Not all medical conditions or disabilities are obstacles to canoeing. We appreciate being apprised of this information and will do our best to accommodate your needs. Medications however, are solely your responsibility.   

How do we pay you?
We require a 25% deposit to be sent by cheque or money order, mailed to :
Wild Harmony Canoe Adventures, Box 34, Seven Sisters Falls, Manitoba, R0E 1Y0
The deposit secures your trip date(s) and we will mail you a receipt. The balance owing is to be paid on the first day of your trip by cash or cheque. 

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